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We are five professional artists brought together over 30 years ago by our love of art and admiration for works of the old masters.

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Another year has flashed by and the artists are once again ready to showcase their paintings for our 2017 annual Romantics exhibition. The art world has its ups and downs as it has had over the centuries, there are more galleries closing than opening and this is why the artist have to be prepared to do the extra work involved, join together and organise exhibitions for themselves. To this end we are forever grateful to the public that support us each and every year at our exhibition held at the Hunters Hill Town Hall, we in turn are more than happy to support the Chris O'Brien Life House in their never ending task of finding a cure for Cancer, a disease that we have all encountered at sometime within our wonderful families or very close friends. A mammoth battle of adversity with many challenges for both the patient and the dedicated team at Life House, led by the inspiration of Gail O'Brien and her team.

This will be our 8th annual exhibition, the artists have been working hard to present this show, this year we take the opportunity to thank the hard working team in the background who give their time voluntarily to make the show the success it has been over the last 7 years. The wives who ensure that everything runs according to plan , friends with a special mention to Lorrie and Ken who have given up their weekend activities for the past 7 years to work tirelessly on the front desks, Keith our electrician for ensuring that we have boards to hang the artwork on and the setting up of the lights on each artists boards.

Jim Hough's painting "Sanctuary" Green Rosellas has been included as a finalist in the upcoming Holmes Art Prize for excellence in Realistic Australian Birdlife Art Prize. Another painting tilted "Fruitful Ground" won third place in the International Artists magazine Wildlife Art Competition and appeared in their June edition.

We had the opportunity to take our Romantics exhibition to Morpeth in July last year and we thank those who came and supported the artists, we look forward to be able to spread our exhibition again this year.

The Exhibition

6pm Friday
25th August 2017

10am - 5pm Saturday
26th August 2017

10am - 5pm Sunday
27th August 2017

Hunters Hill Town Hall
Alexandra Street,
Hunters Hill NSW

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Ramon Ward-Thompson has kindly donated
this years Charity Raffle

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